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【影片名称】:华尔街女郎 Wanda Whips Wall Street 1981[欧美限制级复古经典高清收藏版电影]  







expose the hot and thrilling world of Big Money. Wanda, played by the enjoyable Veronica Hart, sets out to gain complete financial domination of a major securities firm. Wanda uses methods the one and the other illegal and dissolute in her quest for greater amount and greater quantity of the corporation?s stock.

When the Chairman of the Board realizes what is happening, a intimate detective, played by Jamie Gillis, is brought in to bring Wanda to her knees. This hawt drama of confrontation twists and turns throughout yachts, beaches and country homes, with a big cast of terrific looking people.

This is the hottest film about stocks and bonds you?re ever likely to watch!

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